NEWT is an interdisciplinary nanosystems engineering research center headquartered at Rice University. With the goal of protecting human lives and supporting sustainable economic development with its advancements, NEWT makes use of nanotechnology to create water treatment systems around the world. Learn more about the NEWT center at

The Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute promotes research, analysis, collaboration and dialogue to build consensus on sound water stewardship for Arizona and the West. For more information, contact:

Sarah Porter, [email protected]

The promise of global health requires us to address some of the most complex and difficult challenges facing humans. From water insecurity to obesity, sustainable solutions will need to address not just the medical, but also the social, cultural, political, ecological and economic challenges we face in a globalized era. Our research, training, and outreach efforts in global health are about understanding and supporting communities confronting global health challenges. For more information, contact:

Charisse Jennas, [email protected]

HWISE-RCN stands for Household Water Insecurity Experiences (HWISE) – Research Coordination Network (RCN). The RCN is an NSF-funded initiative (2018-2023) dedicated to building a community of practice that fosters key analytics and theoretical advances coupled with the development of research protocols and standardized assessments. With these tools, the center seeks to document, benchmark, and understand the causes and outcomes of water insecurity at the household scale. Find out more about HWISE-RCN at

Future H2O is helping create that future through solutions-oriented research and implementation partnerships with the world’s biggest corporations, NGOs, transboundary multinationals, venture funds and public institutions. For more information, contact:

Yu-shiou Tsai, [email protected]